Downscaling your home: How House of Mangar can help

Downscaling is on the up. With more and more people looking to make the switch from larger family homes to smaller, practical ones, this trend has shown that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether your children have “flown the nest” or you’re in need of a “lock-up and go” downscaling presents a great opportunity for number of reasons. These include less maintenance, lower monthly costs and even less space to fill with furniture.

If you’re feeling a little anxious at the thought of downscaling and taking on a new project alone, you should know that House of Mangar can help! Here’s how we can make the task a simpler and more enjoyable one…

  1. We can help plan your new spaces 

Once you’ve chosen your new home, it’s time to get a fresh set of eyes on the layout. This will help you create inspired rooms that make the most out of available areas. Our experts can come in for a design consult, take a walk through the home and chat about what you’re hoping to get from the property. Then, we’ll get to work on planning functional, beautiful spaces.

  • We’ll create some stunning designs

When you’re ready, we’ll present what we think would suit your home, needs and budget. We’ll also share colour palates and fabrics that will bring out the best in your new space. This is the fun part as you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come. Soon, your vision will become a reality!

  • We can help you decide what to keep and what to revamp

A huge part of downscaling is the decluttering and letting go of pieces suitable for a much larger home. This can be emotional and difficult for many. Luckily, you don’t have to sell or give everything away. Why not let the House of Mangar team revamp some of your treasured pieces so that these family heirlooms can be passed down to further generations? Our refurbishing of pieces is something we’re known for and allows you to put a more modern spin on items that might have dated a bit.

  • We’ll do all the heavy lifting

Should we get to “all systems go” we’ll facilitate deliveries and installations. We’ll also collect and drop off your refurbished furniture pieces too. This makes your move a whole lot easier and allows you to focus on the things that require your attention, whilst we take care of the rest.

We’d love to help with your next chapter

At House of Mangar, we love lending our creative eye and our resources to make your new home your most treasured one yet. Can’t visit a branch near you? Don’t forget that we’ve got our online store where you can shop all things HoM and enjoy delivery to your door? For more information, please call us today on any of the following:

Bryanston: 011 514 0185 |  083 443 4110 (Janine)

Ballito/Salt Rock: 082 404 3775 (Jenna)

Brooklyn Mall: 083 443 4110 (Janine)

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