Four Ways to Make Your Lounge Cosier in Winter

It’s official. Winter is finally here. Whether you thrive in colder temperatures or can’t wait for it to be over, most of us are spending the majority of our time at home. (Partially thanks to lockdown as well). If your home isn’t geared towards this season, you might find yourself feeling a little unsettled. As an innovative team of interior decorators, we love sharing our style inspiration for more beautiful spaces all year round. Whilst we’re passionate about our French Provencal furniture and how it can be used to elevate any home, there are a few more things you can do to beat the winter chill. With your lounge acting as the main hub of activity, it deserves to be a cosy, welcoming space that the whole family can enjoy. Here’s what we suggest…

Don’t underestimate dried foliage and flowers

This is a fast and affordable way to add a touch of luxe to your home. Whilst greenery and bright colours of blooms certainly bring a summery feel, dried foliage and more muted tones of flowers are distinctly more wintery. Even dried twigs look stunning in a tall glass vase. If you prefer the live variety, choose white or deep red flowers. These will warm a space and provide a touch of fragrance too. At House of Mangar, we offer a stunning selection of silk flowers and foliage that are low in maintenance and high in style. Why not browse our online store today and choose yours? 

Choose some cosy accessories 

At House of Mangar, we know that the right accessories make all the difference. It’s why we source a range of interior décor items both locally and abroad. With winter bringing shorter days and darker evenings, now might be the time to invest in that new lamp you’ve had your eye on. Our range of gorgeous lamps would be the perfect addition to your lounge, bringing warm light whilst making a statement. If you’re not into lights of the plug-in kind, why not add clusters of candles to a tray on your coffee table and on your sideboard to bring a warming glow to the space? If your candles are scented, choose woody, winter fragrances to set the mood rather than fresh or fruity summer ones. Heavier décor items made from glass, wood and ceramics will also help create a winter-inspired space. These could include decorative boxes, paperweights and even mirrored trays. 

Texture is key 

In summer months, less is more but when winter rolls around, we all crave that layered, luxurious feeling. Now is the time for lush rugs, interesting cushions and chunky-knit throws. If you’re not opposed to faux fur or sheepskin, you can use these to up the cosy factor. The addition of woven baskets is also a great way to add texture. These are practical too as they can be used to store toys, magazines or even blankets. Where rugs are concerned, our range is versatile and perfect for use throughout the year, although their warmth and texture is particularly appreciated during colder months like these. 

Add some shine

Make your lounge a welcoming space with some copper and brass accents. This is also a great way to boost the luxe feel and create a lounge that seems opulent. It’ll also give the light from your lamps and candles something to bounce off of, adding to the overall ambience. Metallics on a tray, mirror, woven within a cushion or even in some wallpaper delivers warmth and interest, making it a trend we love. 

Grab your lounge essentials on our online store now

If you’re ready to make your lounge the cosy and inviting space that it deserves to be, why not visit our online store and get shopping? If you’re looking for a little more guidance, our interior design consults are the perfect way to achieve the lounge you’ve always wanted. Should you wish to chat about custom furniture pieces, furniture refurbishment or even our design consults, please call us today on any of the following: 

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