The House of Mangar Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Décor

…And just like that, it was spring! As a time of year that most of us associate with gorgeous blooms and sunnier weather, there is another element that rolls around with each passing year… the spring clean. Not everyone is as thrilled as we are by the idea of giving our homes a top to bottom clear out. That’s okay, we know it can seem daunting and rather tiring. Luckily, we’ve put together our top tips for making this year’s spring clean easier than ever before.

Start room by room

Tackling a spring clean per room is a great way to break up a mammoth task. Whatever you do, don’t get sidetracked and pulled into other rooms to start on tasks there. Once each room is done, you can move onto the next one. Unpack cupboards and donate any towels, linen and items that you haven’t used in years. These will go to good use with someone who needs it, rather than it living in a wardrobe for “just in case”.

Less is more

Yes, loads of scatter cushions can look seriously comfy but don’t run the risk of overwhelming your couch or occasional chairs with too many. When in doubt, always opt for fewer pillows. This will make guests feel more comfortable as they won’t have to worry about where to move the cushions to when they take a seat. The same goes for decorative smalls that might be crowding areas like your coffee table and sideboard. Practicality is key as these pieces of furniture do perform important roles. Leave enough space for items that need to be there too.

Make those seasonal switches

Not everything has to match but items shouldn’t be clashing. Often, we want to justify our purchases by getting our money’s worth. This means we try to use everything we’ve accumulated over the years. Sometimes this works and in other instances, your home could be left looking like a flea market. Why not pack up some of your pieces and group them according to seasons? That way, when winter rolls around you can pull out your chunky throws and textured cushions in darker tones. This leaves space for the items that are ideal for right now. It’ll also give you a fresh look a few times a year instead of one overworked one all year round.

Think before you give away furniture

If we’re being honest, we’ve all made the mistake of being too hasty when it comes to getting rid of pieces we feel no longer fit in with our aesthetic. Most of the time, we’ve lived to regret this once it was too late. Believe it or not, refurbishments are the ultimate way to breathe new life into those family treasures. Through the use of paint techniques, professional upholstery and even clever styling, those “outdated” items could soon  become serious talking points in your home. Spring cleaning isn’t always about decluttering, sometimes it’s about upcycling items to get greater use out of them. Got anything in mind that could use a facelift? Speak to one of our consultants. House of Mangar has been behind a host of successful refurbs and we’d love to be part of more.


Bonus tip: Just add wine.

With a glass of your favourite vino in hand, there’s nothing you can’t do. It’ll also make your decision making feel a little easier. If you need any help with those decisions (or even the wine), be sure to give us a call. Our team of talented design experts are always ready to chat about refurbishments, custom furniture pieces and even our design consults. To get the ball rolling, call us today on:

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